Volti Audio was there, teamed up with BorderPatrol Audio and Triode Wire Labs in two rooms. In room 316 we had the Volti Audio Vittora speakers and at the last minute, we were able to have a second room at the show – room 309 – where we alternated between two sets of Rival speakers.

We had a set of Type II Rivals veneered in a beautiful Bosse Cedar veneer. These fully optioned speakers sounded sweet with a BorderPatrol SE300B and my Innuos music server feeding into a BP DACSEi. The second set of Rival speakers were curved-sided prototypes, built just a couple days before the show. The official introduction for this new version of the Rival will be at the Florida Audio Expo 2020. But it was good to get these out for a few Press photos and for a few people to be able to hear them. (actually they sound identical to the TypeI and Type II Rivals).

I ended up selling the Bosse Cedar Rivals at the show, and on my way home I delivered and set them up for my new customer in Salem, VA.