About Volti Audio

I started Volti Audio back in 2009, building upgrade parts for Klipsch Khorn speakers – still a part of my business today.  “Fixing” my own Khorns led me into this business, and the parts that I developed for my Khorns led me into my first complete speaker design, the Vittora. The Vittora has been a success beyond what I ever expected, and I am very grateful for all of those people, past and present who provided me with the knowledge and information I needed to develop such a great product.

From the outside looking in, it looks like Greg Roberts is a one-man-show. But that is simply not the case.  My wife Laurie (married to her since 1982, I think I’ll hold on to her) is an integral part of Volti Audio, with a never-ending list of “Laurie Jobs”.  As of 2022, we have two employees working here, Chad Campbell who builds crossovers, and Greg England who does many jobs in the shop including assembling cabinets.   There have been dozens of people over the years who have provided everything from engineering work to helpful advice – and how could I ever have done everything I’ve done without them? Where would I be without my mentor Gary Dews?  Probably not in business!   I cannot overlook the contributions made by one of the Giants of our industry, Mr. Paul W. Klipsch, a person I never met, but who has influenced me greatly.  When it comes right down to it though, no person is more important to the success of Volti Audio than each customer I build speakers for.  My customers are the lifeblood of my company, and what would be the point of anything I do if not for them?

Volti Audio is a small company and that’s the way I’m going to keep it.  We build 10’s of speakers a year, not hundreds or thousands.  Even though Volti could easily become a company producing hundreds of speakers a year, in a factory with 40 employees, it’s not going to happen under my watch.  I’m at a point in my life where I like not knowing what time I got up this morning, because it doesn’t matter.  And if I choose to walk out into my shop at midnight and make sawdust, that’s what I’ll do.  I like making things and I don’t like managing other people.  I know I won’t make a lot of money running my business this way, but I’m happy, and that counts for a lot more I think.  Some of you older guys reading this are nodding your heads in agreement.

Yes, I’m passionate about what I do. I love my work.  I would do this work even if I wasn’t paid for it!  I like the marketing – the website work and the shows.  I like designing speakers, even though it can be frustrating at times.  I like creating and making beautifully built things.  I like customer relations – helping my customers enjoy the excitement of music in the same way that I do. I’m very fortunate that I’m at this place in my life where I’m able to do something I love and make a living doing it.

So there you go. Now you know a little more about the person you’ll be buying speakers from.

Greg Roberts – Volti Audio

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