Volti Audio Policies

Please read carefully and if you have any questions or concerns, contact Greg Roberts.

Please call Greg to ask about the Volti Audio warranty.  




All Sales Are Final.

Volti Audio does not accept returns of product for any reason.



Volti Audio does NOT offer refunds for any reason.

Most of the sales made here at Volti Audio start with a written invoice, quote, or work agreement, which is a document crafted with input from both Volti Audio and the customer, with a final draft of the document agreed to by the customer in the form of either signing the document and/or a deposit payment or payment in full.

Each invoice, quote, or work Agreement sent to our customers has the following note explaining where to find this webpage so you can view our policies:

“Please review our written policies before sending any money to Volti Audio. Written policies can be viewed here – www.voltiaudio.com/policies.shtml”

When you make a payment of any amount to Volti Audio, to be applied to an invoice, quote, or work agreement, not only are you agreeing to the details written in the invoice, quote, or work agreement, your payment indicates your acceptance of our written policies, as noted where it states:

“Your payment in part or full indicates your acceptance of the written policies of Volti Audio regarding this transaction”

Furthermore, any deposit or payment made at any time is non-refundable.  We understand this is a strict policy, but we feel it is necessary to have this policy for our small company and for the way we operate our business – direct sales, with little to no markup on our products.  The other side of this strict policy requires us to be mindful of how we sell our products to our customers.  We do not use pushy sales tactics or pricing gimmicks to entice you to buy, perhaps before you are ready.  The simple message is this, we want you to make a careful and firm decision about buying our products before you send us any money.

Payment in full is expected before any products are shipped.


Production Time and Delivery

All production times and shipping timelines are ESTIMATED and may very well be considerably longer or shorter than estimated.  Good communication is the key here.  If you’re wondering when your order will be ready, just send me and email or give me a call and I’ll let you know how things are looking.



Volti Audio passes on to our customers, all manufacturers’ warranties provided to us by our distributors or manufacturers directly.

All Volti Audio products are warrantied by Volti Audio for one year from purchase, with exceptions related to wood shrinking, swelling, checking, etc… as explained below.

Volti Audio speakers are built to a very high level of quality, using high grade plywoods, hardwoods, wood veneers, glues, and lacquer finishes as well as the highest standards of workmanship in every step of the manufacturing.  Our goal is to build a ‘100-year’ product – that is how we approach our craft, and it is the basis for our material choices.  However, due to the wide range of conditions around the world that our products may be subject to, including temperature and humidity extremes and direct exposure to the sun and heat sources, and because these conditions are beyond our control, we will not be held responsible for the natural and normal propensity of wood to move, shrink, expand, check, crack, raise the grain, etc…  This policy is not implemented because we have problems with our wooden parts/cabinets, because generally we do not have problems with our wooden parts/cabinets.  This policy is here because some people will always – as examples – put a speaker cabinet in front of a South facing window, or inches away from a hot steam radiator, or in an unconditioned home in a hot, dry climate, or in an unconditioned home in a hot, damp climate- and conditions like those are detrimental to even the very best wood products ever built and beyond the control of the maker.

Under no circumstances will Volti Audio be responsible for repairing, or assuming the cost of repairing broken grill pins.


Limitation of Liability

Volti Audio shall not be liable in contract tort or otherwise for loss or damage however caused and suffered arising out of or in connection with defects in goods supplied other than the replacement or repair or refund of the goods involved.



Volti Audio will not sell or use your contact information or correspondence with us without us obtaining prior written consent from you.  One exception to this rule – when you send an email to Volti Audio, we may automatically sign you up to receive the Volti Audio email newsletter, which you can very easily unsubscribe from the first time you receive it if you wish.


Delivery Period

The delivery date of products or custom work will be stated in the Quote, Work Agreement, or Invoice, and if not, the delivery time will be determined by what has been discussed through correspondence between Volti Audio and the Buyer.


Veneer Allowances

Sometimes in a Quote, Work Agreement, or Invoice, there is an allowance for veneer cost to be used for the project. The allowance is a maximum amount not to be exceeded without extra costs being charged. No refunds will be made for veneer costs that are less than the maximum veneer allowance amount.


Veneer Variations

Volti Audio uses real wood veneer on our speaker cabinets.  We buy each species of wood veneer in small batches from our suppliers, and the grain pattern, color, and grade of the wood veneers will vary from batch to batch. The veneer photos and veneered speaker photos used in this website are meant only to be representative of the species of veneer that you select. Actual color, grain pattern and other appearance characteristics of the veneer applied to your Volti Audio speakers will vary within each veneer species and may or may not look like photos of other veneered Volti Audio speakers.


Wood Finish

It is our preference to use real wood veneers on our speaker cabinets, and our goal is for our customers to immediately recognize that their speakers are finished with real wood from real trees when they walk up to and touch their speaker cabinets.  We ‘celebrate’ natural variations and imperfections in the wood as part of the way we finish our speakers.  Examples of the types of variations and imperfections you may see in the wood finish of your speakers includes wood checking, small knots, texture from the grain, etc…

Typically we use a clear satin lacquer finish over the wood veneer of our speakers.  Our preference is to NOT have a thick, smooth coating of lacquer.  Instead, we prefer to use many lighter coats of lacquer that sink into the grain texture of the wood, and we feel this does a better job of showing off the real wood veneer used on our speakers.


Subject To Change

The design, specifications, and pricing of all Volti Audio products are subject to change at any time and without notice.

Please refer to the quote, invoice, or work agreement for details of your particular order.