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I’m Greg Roberts, owner of Volti Audio.  Many years ago, I discovered the excitement of listening to music with high-sensitivity horn speakers, which led me into a life-long hobby and a passion for sound.  Of all the systems I’ve listened to, no other type of topology can match the effortless power, and dynamic capabilities of horns.  

If you share the same desire as I do, to experience music from a two-channel system in the same way as when you’re listening to music at a live event, then you’re in the right place.

I have a passion for building speakers that grab your attention and deliver a sound that is as close to the real thing as we can get – living, breathing music in our living rooms.

Volti Audio speakers are exceptional.  They are hand-built by me and my workers right here at my shop in Baxter, Tennessee.

Our speaker prices start at just $7,500/pr.


Long-winded Version

I like to listen to live music, whether it is a single acoustic instrument, or an amplified group of players – it’s the experience of the live event that really grabs my attention.  I find that horn speakers are able to reproduce the feeling of a live event better than any other topology.  Sitting in front of my speakers at home, I’m not just listening to music, I’m experiencing it.

Volti Audio horn loudspeakers offer everything we love about horn speakers without the vices.  Vices?  Yes, you know, the little issues that have plagued horn speakers forever – harshness, colorations, midrange that is honky or glaring, and limited bandwidth.

Before Volti Audio, I owned big horn speakers that had all those vices.  Fixing them so they didn’t is what got me into this business, and the lessons I learned have served me well in the process of designing and building some of the finest speakers on the market.

Volti Audio speakers do not have those old horn-speaker vices.  When you listen to horn speakers without the glare, harshness, colorations and limited bandwidth of older, or new-lesser-designs, music sounds real, effortless, powerful, and engaging in a way that you’ve never quite experienced before.

Volti Audio speakers do the ‘disappearing act’ with ease – getting out of the way and immersing you in the flow and soundstage of the music in front of you. You feel like you can walk into the midrange and shake hands with the saxophone player!

With just a few watts of power, you feel the power of the music in the room, and yet they are speakers you can listen to for hours and hours without fatigue.

The very high build and finish quality and extreme durability of every part of a Volti Audio speaker means you can be proud to own them for a lifetime.

If you’re looking for better horn speakers, or if you’re ready for something more exciting and engaging than the typical box-and-cone-driver speaker, it’s time for you to take a close look at what Volti Audio has to offer.

Selling direct to our customers, with no middle-man, means that you are buying speakers at half of what they would cost if they were sold through a dealership network, and I think that makes Volti Audio speakers the best value for the money in hifi today.

I’m here to help.  My cell phone number is 207-314-1937 or send me an email at

Trust your ears and always Have Fun!


The little Volti Audio Horn Loudspeaker


Volti Audio, makers of the highly acclaimed Vittora and Rival horn loaded loudspeaker systems is proud to offer the most compact and affordable Volti horn speaker to date – the Volti Audio Razz.

Yes, it is true, there is a $5,500 version of the Razz.  Click the link below for more information.  

Check out the NEW Razz Limited Edition loudspeaker and put a little Razzle-Dazzle into your system.

The NEW Lucera

Check out the NEW Lucera loudspeaker.  Wouldn’t you rather have a 15″ woofer?  Yeah, me too.  So here you go.  This attractively priced Volti Audio speaker model has a character all its own.


Many people have described the bass of the Rival to be “just so right”, and I couldn’t agree more.  But it’s the soundstage that gets me every time I sit in front of these big horn speakers.  The soundstage is huge and enveloping in a way that only high-sensitivity horn speakers of this quality level can do.

I often have Rival speakers in stock and ready to ship.  


The Volti Audio flagship model is a fully horn loaded loudspeaker system that captures the essence of live music like no other.  104db sensitivity, tight and deep bass extension to 25Hz, lightning fast dynamics and a midrange that is so big, you can walk into it and shake hands with the saxophone player!  A truly remarkable musical experience from a design that could be considered a work of art.

Speakers In Stock


Custom ordered Volti Audio speakers have a wait time of two to six months, depending on the model chosen and how busy the shop is.

We usually have a few speakers in stock, available for immediate shipment, and always have other speakers ‘in the works’ that will be available soon.

Please see current in-stock inventory below, or email or call me to find out what’s available.

“Music is easy to miss for the listener who thinks his job is to concentrate on the sound.”

Art Dudley 

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