Audio Trade Shows are our primary marketing tool.  We love to get our speakers out for audiophiles to see and hear at the shows.  We also enjoy the interaction with customers (new and old) and colleagues at the shows.  Volti Audio typically does three or four trade shows each year.  Below you’ll find a listing of upcoming shows as well as the results of past shows.  If you’ve never been to an audio show, you are really missing out on a lot of fun!

Page Format – The most recent scheduled show is now listed at the top, with past shows left below for reference

Next up for Volti Audio is the Capital Audiofest in Rockville, MD, November 8 – 10, 2024

We will be officially debuting the new Lucera speaker, so please come on in for a listen.  

This ended up being a very special weekend for me.  The New Volti Audio Lucera was very well received by everyone who sat down for a listen.  More than one person told me that the Lucera may be my best work yet as a speaker designer.  

My Favorite Room – Mr. Doyle

“This was my favorite room hands down. The synergy here is off the charts. I confess my own anticipation of the new Volti model as I am a big fan of Greg’s product. The Lucera is completely faithful to what I call the Volti sound. Sweet, detailed, musical, impactful and dynamic. Just like my Razz models at home. What I didn’t expect was the bigger soundstage and even more impressive and honest midrange. When I can afford them I will own a pair of Lucera, oh yes I will…” 



“In the room shared by Gary Dews’s BorderPatrol Audio, Greg Roberts’s Volti Audio, and Peter Grzybowski’s Triode Wire Labs, music flowed, immense of stage, fast of delivery, with heart-arresting texture, visceral verisimilitude, and dynamic fireworks.”

“I’ve reviewed Dews’s BorderPatrol amps and two models of Greg Roberts’s speakers, but this was a fresh, unexpected, mind- and ear-freeing experience.”

“This was one of the finest systems I heard at FLAX. It played with utter, see-through transparency to the source natural and entirely musical and artifact free. I listened spellbound and brain-stunned”

Ken Micallef, Stereophile Magazine on room 403 at the Florida Audio Expo 2024



Always a favorite of mine, and a show that continues to grow larger and larger each year.  A must-go show if you live anywhere nearby.

The Volti Audio, BorderPatrol Audio, Triode Wire Labs room was packed most of the show with people kicking back and enjoying the sound of this great system.

Here are a few of the show reports on our room:

A very small show that surprised me with the interest level from the attendees.

The show was sparsely attended, by both vendors and show-goers.  A person could almost always get the sweet spot in a room without much wait.  Rooms generally sounded very good.  The Volti Audio, BorderPatrol, Triode Wire Labs room sounded very good indeed.

Overall a good experience, but Volti will not be there in 2023.  Perhaps in 2024, we’ll see.  

Here’s a couple of show reports on our room:

A nice Youtube report from Steve Guttenberg of The AudioPhiliac.  Skip to about 6:30 if you want the Volti room report.

Video by Ken Micallef.  Skip to 2:30 for the Volti room.




AXPONA was delayed for a full three years, and the excitement of the show’s return was palpable even two days before the show opened.  We arrived on Wednesday evening after a nice ride from TN to Schaumburg and met up with friends for a nice dinner out.  

Thursday was setup day, and everything was up and working by noon.  We enjoyed a very nice afternoon taking in the show setup scene, and then a great party that evening.  

The show itself was busy and bustling, and there was a lot of interest in the Volti Audio speakers.  

I’ll be back next year and maybe, just maybe with the new Vittora speakers!  

Ken Micallef of Stereophile magazine did a report on our room:

BorderPatrol, Triode Wire Labs, Volti Audio |

Here’s a report from Doug Moore

THE First Day at Axpona 2022- UPDATE! ~ The Sound Advocate



Florida Audio Expo 2022

The Three Amigos hit the Florida Audio Expo running this year, with what I thought was the best sounding room at the show, hands down.  Yes I’m biased, but I’m also experienced, and I visited every other room at the show, some of them several times, and nothing else out there could compare to the dynamic, well integrated and engagingly musical sound that our system produced.

There was almost no Press at this show, which was disappointing.  But here’s a report from Paul Elliot

and one from Enjoy The Music

and this, written on a forum post by an attendee:

“I had a fun day at the Expo. It is not a big show like Chicago but still interesting and informative and definitely great to have something coming out of this pandemic. I was able to hear more speakers and systems today than I have had a chance to hear in the past couple of decades. So for me it was worth the trip.”

“Some big rooms housed MBL. Awesome to see in person. The VAC room was a spectacular setup with VonSchwiekert speakers. The speakers threw an expansive soundstage in that large room. Suncoast Audio had a room with the Gaia Vivid speakers. A newcomer in a larger room was Borresen speakers. They auditioned a small 2 way that was very impressive and the 05 Silver Supreme. This is a large speaker that can shake your body. And they did it with Class D amplifiers. Very nice.”

“I heard a few other speakers and amps that were good but my favorite room was the Volti Audio and Border Amps room. I was smitten by the Rival II horn speaker made in Tennessee. Paired with the 16 W/ch Border Amp they sounded wonderful. Smooth, natural, musical is what comes to mind. Now I get it. What the SET amp with Horns people have always been talking about. I visited that room twice and stayed over an hour. I was loving every minute of the music.”


Capital Audiofest 2021

We had more fun than we deserved at the 2021 Capital Audiofest in Rockville, MD, November 5 – 7

Pent up demand from vendors and attendees alike brought an energy to this show that I haven’t seen in quite a while.  

I think we can safely say that the Audio Shows are back, so get out there and enjoy them.  

Florida Audio Expo
Tampa, Florida
February 7 – 9, 2020

The show in Tampa is really turning out to be a great show in a region of the country that seems ready for it.  Last year we introduced the Rival Type II cabinet style at this show, and the response all around was very positive.  This year we introduced the new 2020 Rival Special Edition – a fully optioned, curved-sided version, and the response was even better.  Check out the show reports below.

We’ll be back in 2022

Capital Audio Fest
Rockville, MD
November 1 – 3, 2019

Volti Audio was there, teamed up with BorderPatrol Audio and Triode Wire Labs in two rooms.  In room 316 we had the Volti Audio Vittora speakers and at the last minute, we were able to have a second room at the show – room 309 – where we alternated between two sets of Rival speakers.

We had a set of Type II Rivals veneered in a beautiful Bosse Cedar veneer.  These fully optioned speakers sounded sweet with a BorderPatrol SE300B and my Innuos music server feeding into a BP DACSEi.  The second set of Rival speakers were curved-sided prototypes, built just a couple days before the show.  The official introduction for this new version of the Rival will be at the Florida Audio Expo 2020. But it was good to get these out for a few Press photos and for a few people to be able to hear them. (actually they sound identical to the TypeI and Type II Rivals).

I ended up selling the Bosse Cedar Rivals at the show, and on my way home I delivered and set them up for my new customer in Salem, VA.




Lone Star Audiofest
Dallas, TX
May 3 – 5, 2019

Volti Audio was there with a set of Vittora speakers, powered by Raven Audio electronics







April 12 – 14      Chicago

The largest Audio Show in the USA and well worth a visit for any audiophile looking to have fun seeing and hearing the very best gear available.  Once again Volti Audio teamed up with BorderPatrol Audio and Triode Wire Labs to put on a great showing in room 688.  We’ll be there next year.




Florida Audio Expo
Tampa, Florida
February 8 – 10, 2019

The inaugural show in Tampa, FL

Volti Audio introduced the Rival Type II cabinet style at this show, and the response all around was very positive.  There’s a good possibility we’ll be there for the Florida Audio Expo 2020.  Stay Tuned.




Capital Audio Fest 2018

November 2 – 4, Rockville, MD

CAF 2018 was a great show, and once again Volti Audio teamed up with BorderPatrol Audio and Triode Wire Labs to put together another fantastic system.  We’re looking forward to CAF 2019.