Tubes Versus Solid State

By Greg Roberts

My customers often ask me if I recommend tube amplifiers or solid state amplifiers for their new Volti Audio speakers.

From my own personal experience, all types of amplifiers work great with my speakers, but I definitely prefer the sound of tubes.

Imagine looking out a large glass door to a beautiful country scene outside.  You see beautiful trees on each side of a stone pathway that leads to a grassy field and then eventually to a pond.  If you were to walk outside, you would hear the sound of birds chirping and rustling leaves blowing in the wind, and in the far-off distance cows are mooing.  Got it?  Did I set that scene in your imagination?

Ok, so now imagine that scene beautifully and artfully painted onto the glass of the door.  Standing inside looking at the door,  the scene depicted on it is beautiful.  You get a very real sense of being in the scene because the painting is so accurate.  The stones of the pathway look so real, and you can imagine the grasses swaying and the water of the pond rippling in the wind.  You hear the cows, birds and rustling leaves right in front of you.  The sound is realistic and accurate, just like the real thing.  That’s solid state.

Now imagine opening the door and stepping out into the scene.  Now the scene becomes three-dimensional, and you are immersed in the beauty that surrounds you.  The sounds you heard while looking at the painted door are just as accurate, but now have better spatial cues, more space between, more depth and greater realism than before.  That’s the sound of tubes.

There are reasons why someone would prefer to use a solid state amplifier in their system, and that’s fine.  I’m sure you won’t be disappointed in the sound of your Volti Audio speakers with a Pass Labs or McIntosh, or other high quality SS amplifier.

But if you’re asking me what makes the best sound on my speakers – tubes are the way to go!