Shipping, Delivery, Pickup

How do you want to get your speakers? Volti Audio can deliver and set up, just deliver, ship anywhere in the world, or you can come pick them up yourself.

Now that we’re located in Tennessee, we are much more centrally located in the U.S., as compared to Maine. Eight other U.S. States border Tennessee, so you might be close enough to your speakers to come pick them up. Also keep in mind that there is usually a reduction in price if we are not providing crates for your speakers.

We often will deliver or drop off speakers to our customers. Sometimes this happens on one of our trips to an audio show, and sometimes they are dedicated trips. We can offer full service delivery and setup in your home, for a fee of course. Sometimes the cost for delivery and installation is not that much more than the cost of shipping. If we’re delivering, you may decide to have us take the crates back with us to reuse, which will save you money. There are a lot of options, so please contact us and we’ll work out what is best for you.

Volti Audio ships speakers anywhere in the world, and we will always try to find the most economical way to do so. Typically our speakers are shipped via truck freight. If we’re shipping overseas, shipping is a combination of truck freight and ocean freight. Either way, we take care of all the details of getting them to you.

Volti Audio maintains an insurance policy for our shipments within the U.S., so we are not relying on the trucking companies to provide insurance. For overseas shipments, we purchase individual policies from an independent insurance company for each shipment, so again, we are in control of the policies and can make claims much easier than if we leave it up to the shipping companies.

Volti Audio speakers are shipped in durable wood crates that are custom built for your speakers. The crates are strapped with metal straps to a wooden pallet and clearly labeled on the outside. We have never had a speaker damaged in shipping! Knock on wood. It will happen one day, probably, because there’s a lot of potential for it to happen. But the reason we’ve had such good luck so far is because of the way we pack and crate our speakers.

On your invoice, you will find a detailed description of how your speakers will be packed and how they will be shipped.

We’ve been at this for a few years now, and we’ve figured out how to make the process of shipping your speakers relatively easy and inexpensive. You can count on us to get it done.