Volti Audio will ship speakers worldwide. We have established relationships with several different shipping companies to safely and economically move these large speakers anywhere in the world.

We also have our own business insurance policy that covers all of our Domestic shipments for full coverage loss.  Overseas shipments require an added insurance policy which we will purchase and add to the cost of the shipment.

Here are some shipping cost examples for two crates, each containing a Vittora speaker:

  • Liftgate pickup in Benton, Maine, truck freight service to a port in New Jersey, ocean freight to a terminal in Hong Kong, China, including full-coverage insurance – $1,390
  • Liftgate pickup in Benton, Maine, truck freight service with curbside liftgate drop-off in California, including full-coverage insurance – $1,100
  • Liftgate pickup in Benton, Maine, truck freight service with curbside liftgate drop-off in Atlanta, GA, including full-coverage insurance – $650

Please note that most of our speakers are now shipped with custom-made Corduroy cloth covers. Also, the construction of the crates remains the same as shown in the photos below, except now, each Vittora speaker and ELF cabinet will have its own crate.  Rival speakers are shipped together in one crate.

We use 2″ of high density foam to protect the cabinets inside the crates.

Our crates have wood completely covering all sides. This is not a lightweight crate made with slats of wood, covered in cardboard. This is a rugged, re-usable crate that will protect your speakers from the normal exposure they will face while being shipped around the world. The cost of this crate is included in the price of the speakers.

Volti Audio uses many different companies for shipping our speakers via Truck Freight or Ocean Freight.  Shipping costs and type of shipping service will be indicated on your Quote, Work Agreement, or Invoice. If you require more information about the type of shipping we are using, or if you have a special request regarding the shipping, please let us know.


We always cover the contents of our packages with full coverage insurance, when available. When you receive a package from Volti Audio, please inspect it carefully for damage. To make a claim against the shipper for damages, we must prove that the package was damaged during shipping. So it is important for you to inspect the package and if it is damaged, and the contents are damaged, keep the packaging for future reference and please notify Volti Audio of the damaged items immediately.

If an item is damaged during shipping, we will either replace the item or repair the item, the choice to be decided at our discretion. If we determine that an item is to be replaced, we will ask that you return the item to us and a replacement will be shipped to you as soon as possible. At our discretion, in some cases, we may send a replacement part to you before we receive the damaged parts back from you. If we determine that an item should be repaired, we will ask that you return the item to us and we will repair it and send it back to you as soon as possible. In the case of custom-made items, we will almost always require that the items be repaired. We apologize for any incovenience and delay this causes our customers.


Volti Audio will always disclose the full value of merchandise purchased on Customs Forms. We do not collect any import taxes and or duties that your government might impose on products shipped from the United States. Please verify (in advance) what these duties might entail and make the appropriate arrangements with your local government.


Volti Audio will use the shipping address that you provide us to ship your items to. The shipping address will be written into your Quote, Work Agreement, or Invoice, and it is your responsibiliy to make sure the shipping address is correctly written prior to making payment. Volti Audio is not responsible for items lost in shipment or for re-shipping or return charges due to an incorrect address being provided to us.

Even if other addresses are provided to Volti Audio during the course of the transaction, such as one included in an email detailing a Paypal payment, or from an address in a signature line of an email, the address used for shipping will always be the one written into the Volti Audio Quote, Work Agreement, or Invoice and it is up to the Buyer to verify that the address used in the Quote, Work Agreement, or Invoice is the correct address.


The delivery date of products or custom work will be stated in the Quote, Work Agreement, or Invoice, and if not, the delivery time will be determined by what has been discussed through correspondence between Volti Audio and the Buyer.