Volti Audio Finish

Volti Audio speakers are known for their beautiful veneers and unique finishing of the wood veneer, and I’d like to take this opportunity to explain a little bit more about our process.

Volti speakers typically have real wood veneers applied to the cabinets after the cabinets are built.  We apply the veneer in large vacuum bags with a permanent two-part glue.  The vacuum bags offer the most effective way to ‘clamp’ the veneer to the cabinets, resulting in a superior flat application.  Yes, it’s hard to believe, but even our largest cabinets go completely into a sealed bag and nearly all the air is pumped out of the bag creating a strong negative pressure on all surfaces of the cabinet.  It’s really quite a unique process.  

After the veneer is applied, it goes through a series of sanding and detailing steps to prepare it for the clear lacquer finish that is applied in our spray booth.  Unless otherwise specified, we use clear, satin, lacquer as our preferred finish.  Satin gloss provides a nice shiny coat to the wood without being too shiny or glitzy.  The clear finish brings out the rich natural color of the wood and really makes the grain ‘pop’.

I’m not a big fan of the smooth, heavy coats of gloss lacquer you see on some speakers.  To me, those thick coats of lacquer hide some of the nicest characteristics of the real wood veneer.  Those types of finishes often leave me wondering if I’m even looking at a real piece of wood.  Instead, I prefer to use a lighter approach to the spray finish to highlight the interesting check marks, grain texture, and other naturally occurring anomalies that are part of the tree the wood was cut from.  When you walk up to a Volti Audio speaker, you will always immediately know that you are looking at a real wood finish.

Some woods will show off interesting characteristics more than others and I’m always willing to help you decide which veneer to use on your speakers.  Please feel free to bend my ear anytime.

Greg Roberts