The New Rival

There will be a formal introduction of the ‘New Rival’ from Volti Audio Autumn 2021.  The current Rival webpages do not reflect the changes that have been made to the model lineup, so I am detailing them here for you. 

Currently I am taking orders for and delivering New Rivals – Type I, Type II, and SE even though they have not been formally introduced. 



Before I get into the changes, I would like to tell you what is remaining the same as the original Rival

  • The basic overall size
  • The aesthetic design
  • The stoutness of the cabinet construction
  • The drivers
  • The veneer and lacquer finishes
  • And the essential sound signature




Changes for the New Rival

The Rival cabinet continues to be made of 1” thick Baltic Birch plywood, but all the parts are now cut by a CNC machine, which means the new cabinets are even higher in quality than the original, with an improved internal bracing structure and an improved port pathway.

For all models of the Rival, I have made some sonic improvements with adjustments to the crossover, port tuning, and damping material.  I’ve re-voiced the speaker to improve driver integration between the woofer and the midrange, along with a couple other tweaks.  I’ve also changed the way I build the crossover to improve signal transfer by eliminating connection points, and with the use of high-pressure crimp connections in key areas (backed up by solder).   The New Rival has a bit smoother sound than the original one and I’m happy that I was able to improve on what was already a great sounding speaker.

All Rivals will now have the same feet – similar to the Type II feet currently shown on the website, but without the angles, painted black.

All Rivals will now come standard with Triode Wire Labs internal wiring and Lexan crossover covers (which were options before)


Please contact me by email for pricing information.

Generally speaking, Type I Rival prices have gone up a bit, Type II pricing is about the same as the original, and Rival SE pricing has come down a bit.

I’m really excited about all the changes to the Rival lineup and I know you will love this new speaker even more than the original.

Greg Roberts