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3/21/2015 - NL30

If you ever wanted to go to an audio show and hear the Volti Audio Vittora speakers, this is the one to go to!

Volti Audio is teaming up with Triode Wire Labs , providing all the cabling;   BorderPatrol Audio, providing the amplifier, preamplifier, and digital source; and Mike Pranka, the distributor for Dynavector cartridges and Well Tempered Lab turntables.

So yes, that means we'll have a turntable in our room at this show, and that's something I'm really looking forward to.  Every time we've gone to the effort to include a turntable, the sound of our room has been just a little better.  Not to take anything away from Gary's DAC, which is really nice, and which I am going to really enjoy comparing to the Well Tempered Lab turntable.

But perhaps the most exciting news of this show is that we'll be showing in a big room!  How many times have I heard people say that they'd like to hear these speakers in a bigger room.  Well now they have their opportunity.  We're in the Dearborn room, on the lobby level, right in the middle of the action.  We're right across from the Ear Expo Room, and nearby to the auditorium where the seminars are held.  So this should really be a great location to get attention.  I just hope it's a good sounding room to demo the system in.  What happens if the system in the room next to us interferes with our demos, and vice-versa?  The show organizers have told me that there are solid walls between the rooms, but I'm skeptical.

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to this show, and of course I'll report on how it went in the next newsletter.

A New Volti Audio Product

I know a lot of you have been waiting for me to get off my duff and introduce a new Volti Audio speaker, and I wish this new product launch was a new Volti Audio compact horn speaker for under $10K.  Sorry, it isn't.

But it is another nice niche product for us to manufacture here in our shop.  Check out the Volti Audio headphone stand.

Walnut with black pad

Price: $149.00

When I embarked on this project, I did a lot of research to see what was out there for headphone stand designs.   It turns out that there are a lot of headphone stands on the market, but I didn't think very many of them were properly designed.  Many of them were too short, put strain on the headband, had a narrow support under the headband that could put an indent in the padding, or compressed the earpads, putting unnecessary wear on the padding.  I also found that most of them were uninteresting or just plain ugly.

Mahogany with light brown pad

Our headphone stand is not only properly designed to hold headphones in their "natural" state, so as not to put pressure on any of the parts, but they are beautiful pieces to look at as well.  To get just the right aesthetic design, we spent a lot of time making prototypes and placing them on the coffee table in the living room to look at them.  Once we got the proportions and curves just right, it ended up being quite an elegant design I think.

Light mahogany with red/brown pad

  • Available in Walnut, Light Mahogany, Dark Mahogany, Clear Maple, and Two-tone Maple
  • Durable lacquer finish
  • Real leather covered pads for headband support
  • Ample sized and bendable, the support pad provides a large surface area for the headband
  • 15" tall
  • Three points of contact and non-slip rubber pads provide stability even on uneven surfaces
  • Headphones rest in their natural state, no pressure on the ear-cups and the headband is not being stretched
  • Hand-made in USA

    Two-toned maple with dark brown pad

    Maple with medium brown pad

    We've got some great leather to work with, and in many different colors and textures

  • Light Brown

  • Medium Brown

  • Dark Brown

  • Red/Brown

  • Cream

  • Tan

  • Black

  • Red

  • Maroon
  • I've sent out samples of these stands to Ron Brenay of

    and Scot Hull of audiohead

    So hopefully we'll get a couple good reviews to help our sales.  I'll also be selling these on Amazon.  If you'd like to see more photos, visit the Volti Headphone Stands webpage .

    Ok, so that link maybe didn't work?  It's because I've been working on the website lately to make it more mobile-friendly, and I'm still working out some bugs.  So you can go to the Volti website and get to the headphone stand page through the menu options "Products".  Sorry for the inconvenience.

    The ups and downs of selling $25K speakers is a roller coaster ride that I don't want to be on.  building and selling other products is important to balance out those big sales and keep a regular flow of work going at all times.  In the last newsletter, I talked about how important the Klipsch Upgrades side of the business was to Volti, and these new headphone stands have the potential to be just as important.  And yes, I am always thinking about other products we could make here to add labor hours to the shop.  Have any suggestions?

    Yup, kind of a short newsletter this time.  I'm a busy guy right now, and I haven't had much time to spend on the newsletter.  But I thought it was important to get something out before the AXPONA show, and I wanted to let you all know about the headphone stands.  So there you go.

    The next newsletter will be published sometime after AXPONA 2015.

    Thank you for your support, and until the next time, trust your ears and have fun!

    Greg Roberts

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