2019 Volti Audio Rivals For Sale

Perhaps the most beautiful Rivals I've built to date and fully optioned.  Here's your chance to grab a top of the line set of Rivals at a rare discounted price.

I just love Bosse Cedar veneer, and I've been using it since I began in business ten years ago.  There are a variety of colors and grain textures from tree to tree, and this batch of veneer has the darkest, richest tone, and the most unusual grain patterns of any that I've purchased.

I still can't get over the fact that there are trees out there hiding this beauty inside.  There's no stain applied to these cabinets - that's the natural color of the wood with a clear satin lacquer finish applied.

The fronts are formal, the backs playful - with exposed plywood edges and a different Bosse Cedar veneer for contrast.

I've installed the highest quality grill cloth in a contrasting light shade, with bits of color barely noticeable in the woven fabric that compliment the rich tone of the veneer.

These speakers come with all the options, including external crossovers and Triode Wire Labs internal wiring.

Here's the rundown on the options and pricing:

  • Base Rival Type II $9,600
  • Full Veneer $3,500
  • External Crossovers (full veneer) $2,000
  • Triode Wire Labs internal wiring $700
  • Individual, reusable crates $300
  • Cloth covers $300

    Total regular price $16,400

    Discounted sale price $15,000

    Greg Roberts
    6100 Nashville Hwy
    Baxter, TN 38544

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