Volti Audio Rival Options and Pricing

This page provides a complete overview of the many options available for the Rival speakers.

Please feel free to call or send an email and ask for Greg, and I'll help you figure out the best way to order your speakers so they are uniquely yours, and fit into your budget.

Cabinet Styles

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Rival speakers are offered in two different cabinet styles, Type I and Type II

The two cabinet styles have the same great Volti Audio Rival sound quality, but with notable differences in aesthetics - mainly with the fronts of the cabinet.

With Type I, the front of the cabinet is a solid piece of 1" thick Baltic Birch plywood that extends out OVER the side edges - and the edges of that front piece (motorboard) are exposed out to the sides as well as up and down.  With the Type II cabinet, the front edges of the sides/top/bottom extend out past the front piece (motorboard), and the edges show forward towards the listener.

With Type I, the optional one-half inch thick grills are mounted over the front.  With the Type II, the standard grills are 'captive' - set within the recessed area of the fronts.

With Type I, the feet are 3" (approximate) cubes of solid hardwood.  With Type II, the feet are 1-1/2" tall by 4" (approximate) made of solid hardwood.   (Note that both cabinets are the same overall height).

Both cabinet styles are the same in width and height, they have the same components, the same bracing, the same damping, the same construction methods, and almost the same available options.  They are identical speakers in every way except for the few aesthetic design differences noted above.


Rival speakers are available in a wide variety of finishes, including any one of hundreds of real-wood veneers applied over the birch cabinets.   This is where you can really set YOUR Rivals apart from all others.  I'll help you choose just the right veneer and finish to make your Rivals uniquely yours, matching your personal tastes, home decor, and budget.

Sometimes simpler is better, and the exciting sound of the Rival speaker can be yours for a lot less money than you might think.  Order your Rivals with a clear lacquer finish applied over the Baltic Birch plywood that the cabinets are built from, and you've got a handsome and cost-effective way to enjoy the dynamic, out of the box, musically-engaging sound of a Volti Audio speaker for just $8,900.

Type I Rival with clear lacquer finish, $8,900.
Also available painted with our rugged and great looking textured paint for the same $8,900.

Many of our customers have chosen the 'Front Veneer' option for their Rivals.  It's a great way to add a touch of beautiful wood to your speakers, and at a very reasonable cost of $750.  Type I Rivals with the front veneer option start at $9,650

Type I Rivals with Volti Black textured painted cabinets and Ebony veneer on the fronts

Type I Rivals with Volti Black textured painted cabinets and Anigre veneer on the fronts

Type I Rivals with Deep Brown textured painted cabinets and Bosse Cedar veneer on the fronts

Sometimes you've just got to go for it!  Volti Audio offers the Rival speakers with a 'Full Veneer' option, covering all of the cabinet surfaces with beautiful wood veneer of your choice.  This option is $3,500 and includes veneers costing as much as $8 per square foot*, which covers the cost of some pretty spectacular veneer choices, like Red Gum, Bosse Cedar, Rosewood, Walnut, and many others.  Some exotic woods and Burls will require a bit more of an investment on your part, but we will help you get just the right veneer at the best price through one of our many suppliers.

Type I Rivals with Santos Rosewood

Type I Rivals with walnut

Type I Rival with Light Bosse Cedar

Type I Rivals with Dark Rosewood

Type II Rivals with Special Walnut

So as you can see, there are a lot of great choices when it comes to wood veneer.  Remember, my phone number is 207-314-1937, and you can call me anytime to discuss all these options available to you.  I'm happy to help.

I apply wood veneers myself here in my shop in Baxter, TN.  I use vacuum bags and the very best two-part urethane adhesives to bond the veneer to the cabinet.  When finished, my veneers lay perfectly flat, glass-smooth, and they are permanently bonded to the plywood cabinets.   This is part of my commitment to quality speaker construction and my desire to build a 100-year product for my customers.  Come visit me anytime - you won't find any MDF or contact cement in this shop!

* Wood veneer cost is based on 64square feet of material at $8 per square foot or less.  Veneers costing over $8 per square foot will be an extra cost over the $3,500 full veneer option.


You may choose to add grills to your Type I Rivals for $500.  Type II cabinets come standard with grills.

Type I grills are installed on the fronts of the cabinets, and the edges of the grills are exposed.  This requires us to use a thin, stretchy type cloth (typical grill cloth) available in many different colors.

Type II grills are inset into the front of the cabinet, and this allows us to use a wider variety of grill cloth materials.  Please inquire about the many choices available.

Type I Rivals with optional grills.  Black color shown

Type II Rivals with standard grills.  Acoustone FR250 shown


The Rival crossovers (internal or external) are designed and hand built by Greg Roberts.  The crossovers integrate the drive units of the Rival loudspeakers seamlessly, allowing them to "sing with one voice".  The realistic tone and timbre of instruments you hear with the Rival speakers is in-part due to the design and build quality of the crossovers.

Each crossover comprises two sections; one for the low frequency (woofer) filter and one for the midrange/tweeter filters.  The low frequency filter uses heavy gauge air-core inductors and the midrange and tweeter filters use Litz wired air-core inductors with metalized polypropylene film capacitors.  Mills non-inductive wire-wound resistors are used for attenuation.

All components are hard-wired and mounted to wooden boards.  High-purity heavy-gauge copper wire is used for all crossover connections and for the internal wiring to the loudspeaker drive units.

The crossovers are user-friendly and can be easily adjusted to tailor the balance and tone of the speaker to your room, your system, and your liking.

Inside back of Rival, showing two crossover boards

Internal crossover mounted in upper back of cabinet - adjustments are made by removing the crossover covers.

Rival external crossovers use identical components as the internal ones, but are mounted in external wooden cabinets.  Removing the crossover components from inside the loudspeaker cabinet eliminates magnetic interference with the loudspeaker drive units and eliminates vibration.   The result is a noticeable improvement in overall clarity, detail, definition and a more dynamically free 'out of the box' sound.

Each external crossover cabinet houses both low and high frequency crossover sections.  Speaker cables (yours) connect the amplifier to the input on the external crossover cabinet and shorter jumper wires (supplied with the crossovers) connect the external crossover to the main speaker cabinet.  Single wired or bi-wired connections from the amplifier to the external crossover are possible.

Rival external crossover cabinets are made of 3/4" and 1" Baltic Birch plywood.  Exterior dimensions are 7-5/8" x 15-3/8" x 13" tall.   They are built in mirrored pairs.  When the external crossover option is ordered, the rear input cup normally installed on the back of the speaker cabinet is replaced with a custom-made input panel with three sets of binding posts which connect directly to the loudspeaker drive units.

The Rival external crossovers are offered with three finish options


  • A durable textured paint finish (color is "Volti Black" by default or can be painted to match the loudspeakers)
  • Umbilical cables utilizing three different loudspeaker cables connect the external crossovers to the main speaker cabinets
  • Removable tops held by magnets to facilitate easy crossover adjustment
  • Molded-plastic input cups with two sets of five-way binding posts and jumpers for single-wire or bi-wire operation
  • Thick felt feet

    The cost for this external crossover option is $1,200/pair

    Partly veneered:

  • To match Rivals with painted cabinets and veneered fronts - the external crossover cabinets will have veneered tops and bottoms with painted sides
  • Radius or sharp corners with painted or exposed plywood edges with a clear lacquer finish to match the loudspeaker cabinets
  • Custom input plates with two sets of binding posts and jumpers for single-wire or bi-wire operation
  • Output plates with binding posts on the external crossovers, with jumper wires to connect to the loudspeaker cabinets
  • Removable transparent Lexan cover to facilitate easy crossover adjustment
  • Thick felt feet

    The cost for this external crossover option is $1700/pair

    Ebony veneered tops, radius corners, exposed plywood edges

    Fully Veneered:

  • To match Rivals with fully veneered cabinets - the external crossover cabinets will be fully veneered on all surfaces
  • Custom input plates with two sets of binding posts and jumpers for single-wire or bi-wire operation
  • Output plates with binding posts on the external crossovers, with jumper wires to connect to the loudspeaker cabinets
  • Removable transparent Lexan cover to easily facilitate crossover adjustment
  • Thick felt feet

    The cost for this external crossover option is $2000/pair

    Full veneer, Special Walnut

    Pleast note: You may choose any of the above finishes for your external crossovers, regardless of the finish you order your speakers in - in other words, even if your speakers are fully veneered, you may order painted external crossovers to go with them.

    Triode Wire Labs wiring option:

  • Increase the sonic performance even further by adding Triode Wire Labs wiring inside the crossover, for crossover-loudspeaker jumpers and inside the main speaker from the terminals to the drive units
  • This option also includes high-quality internal wire terminations.

    The cost of this option is $700/pair in addition to other options

    Other Options

    Yeah, I know, like that's not enough already!  Hey, I'm glad you made it this far down the page.  Hang in there, we're almost done.

    Add Triode Wire Labs internal wiring to your Rival speakers with internal crossovers for $500.

    Add clear Lexan covers to your Rival speakers with internal crossovers for $150.  Standard covers are made of wood.  The Lexan covers let you see the crossover components without removing the cover, and they are definately cool looking.

    Add Birch edge-banding to the fronts of your Rival speakers with the clear lacquer over Birch finish - $200

    Stain applied to Rival speakers with the clear lacquer over Birch finish - $850.  A great way to add some color and interest to the Birch plywood finish.

    Base, plinth, and feet options.  Basically whatever you can show me a picture of, I can make for you.

    Standard crating for Rival speakers that are being shipped, includes one single wooden crate strapped to a pallet that holds both cabinets.   This rugged crate and pallet is included in all pricing above.  You also have the option of ordering re-usable crates, which are individual crates that are designed to come apart and go back together easily so they can be re-used many times over.  Having individual crates for each speaker can be an advantage when it comes time to moving them off the pallet and into your home.  Add $300.

    Rival speakers are wrapped in a soft foam prior to crating.  You have the option of ordering custom-sewn cloth covers for your speakers, which will be used in place of the foam for shipping, and will also be available to you in the future should you decide to ship them, store them, or cover them when not in use.   Add $300.

    Home Delivery and setup.  Please inquire

    Contact phone/text - 207-314-1937
    Email Greg