2015 Volti Audio Vittoras For Sale

Veneered in beautiful Ebony veneer with black grill cloth, these Vittoras look as nice as when they left my shop four years ago.  Vittoras are always sold fully optioned, but this set was purchased with an additional ELF cabinet and Marchand amplifier, as well as a set of full size corduoroy dust covers.

They are Current Model and I have tested them and they function perfectly.

I've thoroughly cleaned and inspected every inch, and they are in near mint condition.  I cannot find a single scratch, mark, or imperfection of any kind on any of the veneered surfaces, and the cloth is immaculate.  The only tiny cosmetic issues that need to be noted are on the lower feet, and in order to see those, you have to get right down just inches from them with a light in hand to see any imperfections on the paint finish.

Both Marchand amplifiers have been sent back to Marchand Electronics to be checked and updated with new input binding posts and switchable low/high level inputs - a modification that we asked for and have now been implemented into all new Marchand MB42 amplifier/processors.

I built a new set of crates for them.

Currently, a set of Vittoras with the extra ELF cabinet and extra Marchand amplifier, veneered in Ebony would run $38,500.  I am selling this set for $27,900, a savings of over $10,000!

The Volti Audio Vittora system is one of the finest horn speaker systems in the world, and here is a chance to own this like new condition, current model set, with an extra ELF cabinet for a rarely discounted price.

The system is set up and can be heard at my shop in Baxter, TN - by appointment only.

I will be bringing this set to the Capital Audio Fest in Rockville, Maryland coming up this November 1 - 3.  Delivery and set up at your home is a possibility during my trip to the show, so please inquire.

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