2016 Volti Audio Vittoras For Sale

For sale due to the unexpected passing of my customer - the family has asked me to sell his beloved speakers - which of course I agreed to do.   This is a rare opportunity to own a near mint condition set of Vittoras at less than the normal price of a new set.

This set has all the same components and hardware that you would get with a new set of Vittoras.  Includes two main speakers, one curved-sided Extended Low Frequency (ELF) cabinet, and a Marchand MB42 amplifier for the ELF cabinet.

The natural cherry veneer has darkened and taken on a beautifully rich tone since they left my shop two years ago.  These have the last of the "clean" cane-style grill cloth (no longer available) that I had in stock, and they certainly have that wonderful vintage look to them.

They have been fully tested and are in perfect operating condition - including the Marchand amplifier.   Cosmetically, they are in near mint condition.   When cleaning them, I was able to find only one imperfection of note - located on one of the upper front corners of the bass horn - shown in one of the photographs below.   It is a very tiny imperfection, and one that you may not have noticed if not pointed out to you.  I made an improvement to the "nick" on the corner by coloring it slightly.   Overall, they look just like brand new set of Vittora speakers.

I have built a new set of crates for them and they are ready for immediate shipment to anywhere in the world.

In 2016, my customer paid $25,750 for the speakers and $1,900 for the Marchand amplifier, plus shipping.  The total of $27,650 is still the current price for this equipment new.  I am offering these at a discount - Please contact me by email for pricing on this set.  Please note that there will be a price increase on new Vittora speakers starting January 1, 2019.

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